Our work in China began in 2001when The Red Thread Promise was only a twinkle in our founders' eyes. A teenager named Zhou Zhou, who lost his leg to a landmine, stole our hearts and compelled us to help transform his life by giving him the gift of mobility. Since then we have worked exclusively with special-needs orphans in various provinces, providing medical care to improve their quality of life and increase their chance of adoption.


Orphanages are often unable to provide costly critical care for the most severely disabled babies due to insufficient funds. We fill this gap by offering life-saving medical care to the weakest children who are often ineligible for adoption. We partner with foster homes for special-needs children in China and provide surgery for spina bifida and other severe or life-threatening conditions. Following treatment, children enjoy improved health and are often eligible for adoption.


We have been working with orphaned children with severe disabilities by:

It is our goal to support 6 Chinese babies over the next 12 months. For infants with acute conditions such as spina bifida, early intervention is critical. Surgery needs to be performed within days of birth to assure optimal outcomes; otherwise, these children are at risk for spending their entire life institutionalized with little chance for adoption or, in some cases, not surviving their first year.

Following the appropriate medical intervention, a child's chances for adoption are greatly increased. This improved state of health and wellbeing allows them to grow up to become more productive members of society and drastically increases their self-worth. As a result, they are better able to care for themselves, reducing the burden on their communities and decreasing the number of permanently institutionalized adults.

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